Team Afghan Power (TAP) operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit through its relationship with Global Impact.  TAP is working to provide solar renewable energy, internet, laptops, and educational programs to marginalized schools in rural Afghanistan.  


Pilot Project I is underway this year in the Panjshir Valley village of Sangana and will be the first of five schools.  The projects are designed to become Afghan government programs of record and a national model for development in Afghanistan.


We seek to provide solar powered sustainable energy-based internet connections to help connect these rural, marginalized students to high quality online education, conducted to international standards, and approved by the Ministry of Education to allow them to compete with urban students for placement in higher education.


TAP will implement projects at schools in 5 provinces then begin a transition to shared costs through partnerships with the Afghan Government and major development activities.  To achieve our initial goal of five schools in 2021, we need to raise $35K per school (on average). 


Renewable Energy

Team Afghan Power has worked with both Afghan and American engineers who possess extensive experience in fielding renewable energy micro-grids to maximize sustainability while minimizing the cost of operation.


Maximizing Donor Impact

Team Afghan Power is staffed entirely by volunteers. We have worked tirelessly to find companies to donate laptops, internet, educational programing, and transportation of goods to ensure that monetary donations go directly to project implementation.


Educational Opportunities

We are focused on working with the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education to meet and exceed local educational standards. We seek to improve the quality of education in areas where teachers are vastly underqualified. Providing online educational resources allow students to enjoy a better education making them competitive for free public university education.  There is no tuition for students who gain entry into one of Afghanistan’s 36 public universities through academic accomplishment.


Creating Economic Resilience

In a situation as uncertain as Afghanistan, education is the only real asset that cannot be lost. A quality education opens opportunities for students, empowers young girls, and greatly increases an individual's earning potential.


TAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit through a partnership with Global Impact