Team Afghan Power (TAP) operates as a 501 (c) (3) under IRS Tax Code in partnership with Players Philanthropic Fund (PPF).  TAP's main mission remains to provide solar renewable energy to rural communities in Afghanistan.  During the transition period of the Afghan government, TAP is working to provide humanitarian supplies to the people of Afghanistan. 

Humanitarian Aid

Team Afghan Power is providing support to humanitarian aid organizations through an extensive network of contacts and capabilities with on-the-ground enablers.

Renewable Energy

Team Afghan Power has worked with both Afghan and American engineers who possess extensive experience in fielding renewable energy micro-grids to maximize sustainability while minimizing the cost of operation.

Maximizing Donor Impact

Team Afghan Power is staffed entirely by volunteers. We have worked tirelessly to find companies to donate resources and support the transportation of goods to ensure that monetary donations go directly to project implementation.

Creating Economic Resilience

TAP's goal remains creating organic economic opportunity for the people of Afghanistan.  Licit economic growth, in partnership with the international community, is Afghanistan's

best hope for a bright future.