Founder & Executive Director

Before founding TAP in 2015, John spent 42 years working in both the private sector and public service with the Department of Defense and Department of State, developing and implementing national security policies and programs. His specific focus areas include national security policy, economics, and international development.



Director of Development

Bernadette began her career in the private sector working in compliance and corporate social responsibility. After earning her degree in Leadership and Public Policy from the University of Virginia, she decided to shift focus to the nonprofit world where she could work to achieve positive impacts in communities on a global scale.  Bernadette joined TAP in October 2018 and manages TAP's business development portfolio.




Director of Programs

Caitlin began her career as a military civil engineer. After earning a Master's in Development Practice from the University of California, Berkeley, she decided to pursue roles in the international development sector due to her belief in providing greater opportunities to communities globally. Caitlin joined TAP in October 2018 and manages TAP's program planning.

Curtis head and shoulders.jpg



Director of Operations

Curtis Lee is a retired Marine Corps Colonel with an extensive background in civil affairs and international development.  A graduate of the Naval Academy, he served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where he honed his national building skills.  In the private sector, he led business development and growth strategies for fortune 500 companies.  As a venture capital businessman, Curtis has been a pivotal leader in the development of a small-town business portfolio, resurrecting abandoned buildings and creating a high-end hotel and restaurant sector, as well as growing youth-based recreational activity centers for kayaking and biking.  Curtis managesTAP's per-deployment and deployment and community engagement planning.



Director of Analytics

Joseph is researcher on economic growth and development, currently based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After earning degrees in economics from the College of William and Mary and the University of St Andrews, he worked for two years as a data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. Joseph joined TAP in September 2017, and supports analytics and operations for the team.